© 2018 Noa Baruch

My name is Noa Baruch, 26 years old from Tel Aviv, 3rd year student at the fashion department of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.


I draw my inspirations mainly from my own world, people surrounding me and fascinating stories I heard. I translate the images and the emotions arising from them to materials and patterns, which express my feelings and my thoughts about them.

My designs are characterized by particularly oversize and avant-garde shapes. I use special and unconventional materials and pay a special attention to the smallest details in order to create designs with a clear statement and aesthetics. They carry cultures, stories, emotions and statements, they raise issues to think about and create dialogues around social issues.

I am curious, meticulous, determined, persistent and uncompromising. I never give up until I reach the goal of my work - create and design garments that people will like to wear for their aesthetics  but also for the story and the message they carry.